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Career counselors at Proficient Counselling Corporation are self-motivated and self-driven and have experience in counseling teenagers and professionals.

  1. Are you confused about choosing a right career path after completing education?
  2. Are you not enjoying your current profession and looking for a change?
  3. Are you clueless about what’s the perfect career change for you?
  4. Are you planning for a start up and don’t know, from where to start?
  5. Five critical factors while making career choices are:
    • Individuals interests
    • Career Values
    • Personality
    • Learning Style
    • Skills & Abilities
  6. Career counseling helps to identify these five critical factors and help the individual choose the right career path through:
    • Comprehensive Career Test
    • Career Counselling by Expert Counsellor
    • Comprehensive Career Report

No worries, you are now searching in a right direction. We are supporting professionals like you for all such requirements. We are providing personalized career guidance and business consulting for you to achieve your goals. We offer customized, one-on-one guidance and support to get expected results.

Personalized Career Guidance for Freshers & Working Professionals:

Are you confused about selecting a right career path?

Are you unhappy in your career?

Are you facing FAILURE, stagnancy or downfall on the career ladder?

A quote says, ‘Choose the career that really suits the kind of work that you enjoy doing day to day.’ obviously because, every individual has unique strengths and skill sets. Thus, if you need to select the profession and career path, that matches your personality, we can guide you in:

  1. Analyzing your personality with the help of scientifically proven high standard on-line personality test.
  2. You can take this on-lie test as per your convenience on mobile / laptop from any location.
  3. Team proficient then develop a detail 25-30 pages reports, to analyze your personality on following attributes:
    • Personality traits
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Career interest areas and motivators
    • Specific skill sets, abilities and learning styles
  4. Lead counsellor from team proficient provide the personalized career guidance, basis on the personality analysis of an individual
  5. This can help you in following:
    • Selecting the right kind of profession, department to start with the career
    • If you are planning for a change, it can help you in selecting the right job profile for yourself.
    • In case, if you need to change the profession / career direction, we can suggest you any add on courses to be undertaken