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Pre-Hire Services by Proficient

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Proficient Counselling is offering an Online Personality Assessment as a very effective tool for Pre-Hire HR or Recruitment Services. This is appreciated as a standardised and scientific method for recruitments while understanding a candidate's suitability for a particular role based on their coherent capabilities and suitable personality traits, which can be difficult to gauge during a regular interviewing method.

Personality assessments are considered to be helpful for most of the leading and progressive employers, as it ensures very effective and critically informed decisions during recruitments. It provides an ideal and scientific information about a candidate, mentioning strengths, weaknesses, determination and decision making capabilities, which are the potential requirements during progression of the overall organizational growth.

Personality Assessment Services offered by Proficient Counselling Corp. are highly appreciated by the industry. Our assessments shortlist the most suitable candidate and helps in making your recruitment process very simple, swift and unbiased. These assessments helps in finding ones strengths, skills and abilities and most importantly the behavioural pattern. It determines, if the candidate is the right fit for the required job profile and a match to the corporate culture of the organization. The Personality assessments evaluation helps HR in getting detailed understanding about the candidate’s personality Traits, skills and abilities, and his EQ and IQ, a very relevant piece of information in making a final call on hiring the one.

How Proficient Support for it:

  1. All shortlisted candidates can be requested to take the Personality Assessment on our portal
  2. The detailed Personality and Suitability Reports are generated by Team Proficient. These reports are provided to the HR personnel
  3. On a special request the debriefing of the report of finalized candidate is conducted for the HR personnel