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Image Counselling

Personal image is the first thing based on which People to judge you. It takes them just few moments to decide. Image of an individual is decided by following aspects:

  • Verbal & non-verbal communication skills
  • Choice of colours
  • Accessories used
  • Soft skills in following etiquettes and protocols
  • Self-image and self-confidence

Requirements of a personalized image counselling

First positive impression can be created by projecting an impactful image. Your image is the first thing people see and is part of your overall personal brand. How you are seen, heard, felt etc. are part of your image and personal brand that makes up your overall reputation. These are the critical elements in achieving success at personal and professional levels. 

Who require to take personalized image counselling:
  1. Those who are facing hurdles in getting job or promotions at work place
  2. Those who are finding difficulties in achieving desired success in business
  3. Those who are feeling just low due to non-acceptance in friend or in social circles.

Proficient way of Personalized Image Counselling

Personalized Image Counsellors in Team Proficient are guiding on what works best for a client (scientifically and artistically) for their specific needs, wants and developments

  1. We first spend time in understanding your personality traits, strengths, skills and abilities, career choices, your family background and your lifestyle.
  2. We further evaluate what your personal and professional goals, how are you working towards achieving those, what you do, how you live and what your focus is on
  3. We also assess how your confidence level is, what are your insecurities and any specific reasons for those.
Finally we suggest on:
  1. Key recommendations to boost your confidence
  2. Some important modifications in daily routine
  3. Suggestions on personal styling, including clothing, appropriate accessories and hair styling
  4. Guidelines on soft skills enhancements
  5. Introduction to basic etiquettes and protocols in corporate culture
  6. Guidance on

Benefits of taking a personalized image counselling by Proficient

  1. It enhances the self-image
  2. It boosts up the confidence level
  3. Helps in achieving personal and professional goals faster and in simple manners
  4. Improves acceptance in society and in work places
  5. Income levels goes up